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(the not so fine print)

The staff of Washington Nitro Nationals strives to make the experience of all those attending an enjoyable and family-friendly one for all involved.  To that end, there are terms and conditions that apply to all attendees and vendors.  Purchasers of tickets and camping for Washington Nitro Nationals event acknowledge and agree to these terms upon purchase. 


Washington Nitro Nationals reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, or to remove any person or persons, without refund and at their own expense, who refuse to comply with the following event terms and conditions:


QUIET TIME HOURS ARE 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.  Attendees are expected to be courteous to their on-site neighbors and honor the set quiet time hours for the benefit and enjoyment of all all attendees.  

PETS:  Dogs are welcome, but ONLY service dogs can come into the fenced-in spectator area and they MUST be leashed. ALL dogs must be leashed at ALL times. All dogs are welcomed as long as our guidelines are followed. It is the responsibility of pet owners to contain their pets and make sure that they are not a hazard or nuisance for any other attendee. Should any pet be deemed a hazard or nuisance, both the pet and it's owners will be required to leave the event with no refunds provided. 


CAMPFIRES:  This event is being held on private property, and NO wood fires are allowed. Propane fire rings are allowed, only with the use of fire mats. NO exceptions.

NO FREE RIDING. NO ATVs are allowed on-site during the event, except those used by staff members of Washington Nitro Nationals. Dirt bikes and pit bikes are only allowed on the premises by registered riders participating in pro or amateur hillclimb events held on May 5-7, 2023, or registered riders participating in the pit bike races held on May 5-6, 2023. Attendees and riders DO NOT have unrestricted use of any off-road vehicles anywhere on the site.  Registered riders are exempt from this rule ONLY while heading directly to and from races they are participating in.  NO riding whatsoever is allowed in the spectator area.

NO WEAPONS.  This is a family-friendly event, and there are NO weapons allowed on the premises.

CAMPSITE ETIQUETTE: Campers must camp within the boundaries of their assigned campsite.  If you are found to be parked in a campsite that you are not assigned to for the weekend, you will be required to move immediately.  Refusal to comply may result in the camper's vehicle being towed from the site at the owner/camper's own expense, as well as expulsion from the event without refund.  

CONDUCT: Unruly and disorderly conduct will result in immediate expulsion from the event without refund. 

PROPERTY: Any vandalism of the private property in which the event is held will result in the authorities being called and legal action taken against those participating in the vandalism, as well as a permanent ban on any persons participating in this type of activity from attending any Washington Nitro Nationals event in the future.

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